Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh, the fondant controversy...

So yes, fondant is not the silky, creamy frosting that we all crave with cake. BUT, there are soooooo many advantages! It doesn't melt in the middle of your summer wedding. Fondant can be dyed any color, and spread in a thin layer on your cake; no unfortunate red or green smiles in the wedding photos. The finish of a fondant cake is very smooth, so there's no need for frosting or ribbon borders to hide flaws. Finally, your cake can stay fresher longer- fondant can seal up the moisture of the cake, so leftovers can still taste good after the honeymoon!

-with this chocolate fondant cake, I was able to use edible gold paint to make vines and flowers to match:

-here, I could use an edible pearl dust and white chocolate to create a 3-D leaf design:

-you can give an antique feel to the cake by adding shadows with different edible spray paints:

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