Saturday, June 13, 2009

Separation of Church and State

Whether you enjoy something spritual like the Mormon temple in Boston ....

or revel in the knowledge of your books at school ...

Here at Karren's, we don't mind doing both on the same day.

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  1. Comments from Facebook:

    Cameron Wilde at 11:06pm June 13
    As always, my wife is pretty amazing!

    Tad Hansen at 11:15pm June 13
    as is the marzapan.

    Vickie Asqueta Surico at 12:26am June 14

    Sharleen Roberts at 6:07am June 14
    Wow Karren!! How are you feeling these days?

    Michael Wynkoop at 8:06am June 14
    Great Job Karren!

    Ana Spaethe at 8:25am June 14
    Karren you are so awesome. I knew from the moment we were in Culinary Arts together that you had some special talents in the kitchen. Can I get our group photo from that class signed? hehehe!

    Sara Kearsley at 9:07am June 14
    As always, wow!!

    Taryn Rhodes at 10:17am June 14
    Amazing. . . simply AMAZING!!! Now, are you guys free for a meeting tonight?!

    Tom Hageman at 5:55pm June 14
    Truly a wonderful lady with a wonderful talent.