Monday, June 1, 2009

An 80th Birthday in an RV

This cake was made to celebrate a grandmother's 80th birthday. The cake represented the good memories of her past growing up in Dusseldorf, Germany (children statue in the front of the RV) and her current life relaxing in the RV.

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  1. Comments from Facebook:

    Bryan Podwys at 12:34pm June 1
    Very cool cake! I bet she loved it.

    Karen Friese Murdock at 12:50pm June 1
    Love it!

    Amanda Cushman at 1:00pm June 1
    Wow you did a great job!

    Mandy Allen Hatch at 2:00pm June 1
    That's awesome Karren!

    Richard D. Jones at 6:57pm June 1
    Karren, your approval rating is 100%!

    Gail McBride Higley at 9:51pm June 1
    Very cool but evvery one that knows you now expects this kinda talent, work, creativity and professionalism from you. You sure set a standard