Saturday, April 4, 2009

Girls, Football, and Cake, OH MY!!!!!

Karren and Brooke teamed up (no pun intended) this weekend to create these cakes. Brooke is new to Karren's Specialty Cakes and she did a fabulous job.

This first cake was ordered for a 50th birthday party of a gentleman who appreciates the female the body. Here is what his wife had to say: "The cake was the hit of the party!!!! **** and all the guests loved it!! Some of us gals wanted to compare clevage as the night went on so you can just imagine what those pictures look like! HA! We were very pleased and will look forward to working with you again!"

This second cake was for a birthday party of a local football coach.

Finally, our good friend and photographer celebrated her birthday this weekend. Karren made up a flavor (Pumpkin Spice Praline with Daquoise) and helped her party in style. Happy birthday Karen!


  1. you have such talent! You made my daughters first birthday cake for me back in october 2007! It was a BIG hit at her birthday party and it was one of the best cakes we have ever tasted! Thank you so much! I hope to have you make my sons first birthday cake as well!

  2. Comments from Facebook:

    Becky Foulger at 10:07pm April 4
    when Rebecca came to visit me in England she took a picture of a cake in Tesco (the grocery store) that was just boobs in a black lacy bra. It just cracked her up. I bet you laughed the whole time you were decorating this. Fantastic!!

    Merri Davis Prusse at 11:05pm April 4
    Wow! I heard you were good, but that obviously was an understatement! Fantastic!

    Phil Meehan at 6:05am April 5
    what a cupcake.

    Michael Wynkoop at 8:21am April 5

    Alisha Burkett at 8:22am April 5
    wow that is incredible!

    Steven R. Fitzgerald at 8:40am April 5
    I'm amazed that that cake didn't topple over from being top heavy ;)

    Susan Carroll at 9:09am April 5
    Karren, is all of that really cake?

    Susan Carroll at 9:10am April 5
    Or is it just like in life, and mostly artificial?

    Matthew Young at 9:27am April 5
    You didn't let Cam in the kitchen I hope.

    Jeff Bowden at 9:58am April 5
    You can tell Cam writes these summaries...

    Aj Juson at 10:33am April 5
    i like this cake a lot

    Aj Juson at 10:34am April 5
    it really speaks to me

    Shay Pendergrass at 10:42am April 5
    Great job as always Karren!

    Danielle Hadley Young at 8:38am April 7
    are you sure this cake wasn't actually made for cam? I'm a bit suspicious...

    Becky Wilde Peterson at 8:35am April 8
    Reminds me of breastfeeding... im assuming that is not the message you are trying to get accross;)

    Sarah Connell at 10:19pm April 8
    That is one big lady! How did you get her to stand up? I think you should nickname her Dolly! LOL!