Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gaming - Old School

This birthday boy really loves gaming. Does this bring any flashbacks to the rest of you?


  1. Duck hunt is a regularly played game in this house.. we are still rocking the ninetindeo like there is no tomorrow.

  2. Jon's birthday is October.. I would love for him to have that as his cake. Please say you will and tell me where to sign up!

  3. Comments from Facebook:

    Karren Montague Wilde at 11:53pm March 21
    As always, the blog is better than Facebook!

    Aj Juson at 11:57pm March 21
    That... is... fantastc!

    Aj Juson at 11:58pm March 21
    I mean FANTASTIC!!!

    Tina Faulkner Rose at 12:01am March 22
    Great Job Karren...I have a 13 year old that would love this one!

    Mandee Blaisdell at 8:23am March 22

    Maria Harris at 8:59am March 22
    Karren---you are a GENIUS!! :)

    Erin Noble at 1:05pm March 22
    Yes Karren, you are amazing! Look out Food Network!

    Anna Beth Hubbard at 12:00am March 23
    you are AMAZING and to think I know you and have actually been in your kitchen !

    Thom Norris at 2:35pm March 27
    That cake it fantastic but it must be really old since Nintendo was out 15 years ago. ;)

    LeeAnn Hubbard at 3:51pm March 27
    I love that cake, that's awesome!