Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Karren Featured on KOIN 6

Karren was featured this morning on the KOIN 6 morning news show. Kacey Montoya and her camera man, Douglas, came by nice and early (4:30 AM). They did 4 segments with 4 teasers where Karren showed how to make two of her desserts and showcased the camcorder cake Karren made specifically for the broadcast. It was great getting to know Kacey and a lot of fun to do the show. Karren felt that it was a great experience and we hope Kacey enjoyed herself also. We sent the cake back to the studio with them. Bon appetit. The recipes featured on the broadcast are posted on the KOIN 6 website and the actual newscast is posted on Karren's website (thanks to Jeff Bowden for making it web accessible).


  1. Wow that's really cool! All your cake creations are so amazing. We sure miss you guys. I just found your blog, so I'll add you on to mine.

  2. That cake video camera cake is amazing. I still remember your wedding cake that you made for yourself and how amazing it looked and tasted. One of these days I am going to have to sneak into your home to get some cake leftovers! I am so impressed with your creativity!

  3. Nice job Karren! It was great meeting you at the Art of Weddings, and I am happy for your press! The camera cake is amazing - I had no idea it was a cake until I read the comment above.