Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Love Story

My first purse cake deserves a telling of a tender little story. I recently made a cake for the wedding of Mr and Mrs X. Several months later, Mr X was planning an elaborate birthday party for his bride, and placed an order for one of my cakes. The cake was to be a Gucci Handbag (what girl doesn't want wonna'them?!) to exactly match the bag he was going to give her on her birthday! So fun! Well, it turns out that tonight, Mrs X was rushed to the hospital and her whole party was canceled. Our chivalrous Mr X however, was not detoured! He swooped by late this evening to get the cake to present to her in the hospital room, complete with dinner and a present. He said that they would just eat the cake with some plastic forks and a couple of nurses. I love the image of a man spending well over a hundred dollars on a cake, and then digging into in with plastic cutlery...just to make sure his beautiful wife gets cake on her birthday! It's sooooo sweet and romantic!


  1. That is such a sweet story! Love the cake, so cute!!

  2. That seriously looks like a real purse. You are so talented! And that is a way cute story too.