Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Availability Update

Karren is taking off the rest of 2009 to recover from her recent C-Section. We also have the calendar blocked off for the months of January to April. During this time, Karren is only willing to accept cakes that are "really cool." In other words, no plain, boring cakes. If you have an idea for a really fun shaped cake, please call and pitch the idea. If Karren thinks it is a cool idea, she might do it for you anyway. She will be back to full business in May but is only accepting a very strict one cake a week. No exceptions! Thanks, and we are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas season and a great 2010.


  1. Can she do the Statue of Liberty in honor of my birthday trip to Manhattan in January?!! Well, I guess I don't really need a cake like that (I'm actually a Pie Girl), but I thought it might "cool enough" for Karren to try out and of course she'd do a kick-a job at it!!!

    I'll be stopping by this week. . . maybe Friday? I'll call ya'll. . .

  2. Oops, left out the "be" in "might be cool enough". . .